Coach for College

Coach for College is a funded, four-week public service volunteer program that allows American university varsity student athletes to interact with Vietnamese university students to help teach young children in rural Vietnam a curriculum of academics, sports, and life skills. 

It is the responsibility of students to ensure their ability to complete the programs for which they are applying for funding. 

Please note that Harvard College students can only accept one funded summer experience each summer. For the latest information, see Harvard College’s Summer Funding Policy.

MCS awards are not transferable.  If your internship organization or location changes, you need to seek our approval to be funded for your opportunity.  Similarly, funding for one type of opportunity (such as an independent internship) cannot be moved to another type of opportunity (such as an internship with a third-party internship provider or study abroad).  If there are any changes to your internship (i.e. type, format, location, duration, etc)  and you do not inform us, your award may be rescinded. 

Who Can Apply for Funding? 

MCS can only fund students who: 

  • Are Varsity student-athletes
  • Are in good academic standing at time of application through the end of the spring semester 
    • MCS funding is targeted to support students in good academic standing. Students not in good standing at the time of applying for MCS funding will only be considered for that funding if they have an endorsement from their Resident Dean prior to the application deadline.  An endorsement consists of an email from the student’s Resident Dean stating that the Resident Dean supports the application for MCS funding.  The endorsement email must be submitted to
  • Are current Harvard College undergraduates, 1st-year through 1st semester senior during Spring 2024 
  • Are enrolled full-time during Spring 2024; in accordance with the Student Handbook, students in good standing who are on a voluntary leave of absence may be permitted to apply for Harvard funding, including but not limited to summer grants, provided that they have obtained the Administrative Board’s prior approval. In making this determination, the Administrative Board will consider the relevant circumstances, including, for example, the circumstances that led to the student’s leave of absence. Students on leave should start this approval process as soon as possible by contacting their Resident Dean; if approved, students must submit all applications by their posted deadlines.

**Preference will be given to students who have NOT received prior funding** 

How to Apply:

  1. Enroll in direct deposit. See direct deposit instructions.
  2. Fill out the Coach for College Application by February 1, 2024 (there is not a separate funding application)

How Much is Awarded, and What is not Included?: 

  • In-person: Cost of the program fee (which includes cost of travel) 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to cover or supplement any extra costs that are not included in the program fee (i.e. visas, personal expenses, immunizations, food etc.) 


Contact the Summer Opportunities Funding team at