David Rockefeller International Experience Grant

The David Rockefeller International Experience Grants were established in 2009 by David Rockefeller SB ’36, LLD ’69 to give students the opportunity to gain a broader understanding of the world beyond the U.S. or their home country, and to learn about other countries and peoples by spending time immersed in another culture. The purpose of the grant is to afford all students the opportunity to take part in a significant international experience, regardless of financial constraints.

A significant international experience may consist of:

  • summer study abroad programs
  • internships and service projects
  • research assistantships (under the direction of a principle investigator)
  • experiential learning projects.

Student projects or programs take place in the summer, must be at least eight consecutive weeks in duration, and require a full-time commitment from the student to the project for the duration of the project or program. Applicants may not have received a David Rockefeller International Experience Grant in the past.

Students who would like to be considered for funding through the David Rockefeller International Experience Grant and other sources should apply through the international funding categories listed on our Summer Planning and Funding homepage. Selected students will be notified, in their award letter, which fund is supporting their experience.