Additional Graduate Programs

Approximately 80% of Harvard College students eventually go on to earn a graduate or professional degree, including masters and PhDs in arts and sciences, MDs, JDs, and MBAs, and fields including creative writing, acting, visual arts (MFA), clinical psychology (PsyD), urban planning (MCP/MUP), and many other options.

Steps when considering graduate study include the following:

  • Clarify why you want to pursue a graduate degree, understand your goals for study and research, and the realities of your intended career path.
  • Visit our career pathways pages for more information about graduate programs and schools offering degrees in various fields.
  • Review different degree options:
  • Come to our office and meet with an advisor to discuss your graduate school questions about graduate school including the application process and the decision to attend immediately after graduation or in a few years. Advisors can also assist with job/fellowship opportunities if you decide to “take a gap year(s).”