MCS-Funded Independent Internships Outside the U.S.

The Mignone Center for Career Success (MCS) supports students for two types of internships, either virtual or in-person.

  1. An independent, self-arranged internship or research assistantship where the student makes arrangements directly with a supervisor at an organization based outside the U.S. OR
  2. Aninternship arranged by a third-party internship provider at an organization based outside the U.S. where the student pays a program fee to participate. 

NOTE: You may apply if your internship is not confirmed.  However, prior to distributing funding to students, MCS will require you to have your internship confirmed by providing a support letter from the host organization listing your project start and end dates and location of host organization (city, country).  

It is the responsibility of students to ensure their ability to complete the programs for which they are applying for funding. 

We encourage you to apply for all funding sources for which you are eligible. If you receive funding from another source, you must notify us immediately. 

Please note that Harvard College students can only accept one funded summer experience each summer. For the latest information, see Harvard College’s Summer Funding Policy. **Note: Students may apply Harvard University funding to two different opportunities, given that one source of funding supports thesis research and that the two opportunities in question do not overlap in time. If a student applies for multiple sources of funding under this exception, they should email all involved funding centers with the timing of their thesis research and other summer experience.**

MCS awards are not transferable.  If your internship organization or location changes, you need to seek our approval to be funded for your opportunity.  Similarly, funding for one type of opportunity (such as an independent internship) cannot be moved to another type of opportunity (such as an internship with a third-party internship provider or study abroad).  If there are any changes to your internship (i.e. type, format, location, duration, etc)  and you do not inform us, your award may be rescinded. 

Important Dates

  1. TBD – Deadline to apply for MCS funding
  2. TBD – Funding notifications go out on rolling basis
  3. TBD – Deadline to submit pre-departure requirements to receive funding 

Who Can Apply for Funding?

MCS can only fund students who:

  • Are in good standing at time of application and at the end of the spring semester 
    • MCS funding is targeted to support students in good standing. Students not in good standing at the time of applying for MCS funding will only be considered for that funding if they have an endorsement from their Resident Dean prior to the application deadline.  An endorsement consists of an email from the student’s Resident Dean stating that the Resident Dean supports the application for MCS funding.  The endorsement email must be submitted to
  • Are current Harvard College undergraduates, 1st-year through 1st semester senior during Spring 2025
  • Are enrolled full-time during Spring 2025; in accordance with the Student Handbook, students in good standing who are on a voluntary leave of absence may be permitted to apply for Harvard funding, including but not limited to summer grants, provided that they have obtained the Administrative Board’s prior approval. In making this determination, the Administrative Board will consider the relevant circumstances, including, for example, the circumstances that led to the student’s leave of absence. Students on leave should start this approval process as soon as possible by contacting their Resident Dean; if approved, students must submit all applications by their posted deadlines. 

**Preference will be given to students who have NOT received prior funding.**

MCS will NOT fund: 

How to Apply:

  1. Apply directly to the organization with which you want to intern or conduct research
  2. Enroll in direct deposit. See direct deposit instructions
  3. Apply in CARAT to MCS Funding for an Internship or Research Assistantship Outside the U.S. SU24 (IND)by TBD with the following materials:
    1. Host organization support letter listing dates and location of internship (if confirmed) OR proof of internship application (such as an email exchange showing that you have applied or have reached out to the organization). If you are not yet accepted into an internship, it is your responsibility to update MCS with internship confirmation. Funding priority will be given to applicants who have a confirmed internship, and offers will be given only to confirmed internships.  (Download sample support letter).
    2. Completed Internship and Research Assistantship Form, PDF format
    3. One-page resume, PDF format (we recommend using our templates)
    4. Unofficial Transcript, PDF format (available under Grades tab, “View Unofficial Transcript” in my.harvard)
    5. Proof of Direct Deposit enrollment, PDF format. Submit a pdf screenshot from the “Student Accounts” section from my.harvard that shows you are enrolled in direct deposit (Download sample screenshot)

How Much is Awarded, and What is not Included?:

  • Virtual: $4,000
  • In-person: $5,000-$10,500 (amount depends on country)
  • It is the student’s responsibility to cover or supplement any extra costs not covered by the stipend (i.e. visas, personal expenses, immunizations, etc.)

How are Funding Decisions Made?

  • Due to high demand, last year, MCS was only able to fund about 27% of eligible students – funding decisions are made by a committee at MCS and are not based on financial need
  • Not all students on financial aid are funded, and program admission does not guarantee funding.
  • Funding for students pursuing internships in their home countries is limited.
  • Funding for fully remote internships is limited.

If You Receive a Funding Offer: Pre-Departure Requirements

The following pre-departure requirements are REQUIRED for in-person or hybrid internships – MCS cannot disburse funds until all requirements are completed:

    1. Read Harvard College International travel policy
    2. Identify your destination’s travel risk rating - students may not travel to countries or regions within countries where the risk rating is “high.”
      1. If you intend to travel to an “elevated” risk country or region, submit an online travel safety questionnaire.
      2. If you intend to travel to an “elevated” risk country or region, attend an elevated-risk orientation at some point this spring.
    3. Sign and submit the travel waiver and release form
      1. PLEASE NOTE: Submit either the “College Students – Research of Study” or “College Students – Research or Study in Elevated Risk Destinations.” ALL FIELDS MUST BE FILLED OUT. MCS will provide a link to upload this form.
    4. Watch the GSS Online Pre-departure Orientation to completion
    5. No more than 90 days prior to your departure and no later than TBD, upload the Harvard College Health Clearance packet to the HUHS patient portal.  Once cleared by HUHS, submit a screenshot of the message to MCS. MCS will provide a link to upload this screenshot.


Contact the Summer Opportunities Funding team at