OCS-Funded Third-Party Internship Programs Outside the U.S.

OCS supports students for 2 types of internships, either virtual or in-person. Students may submit only one funding application for EITHER:

  1. An independent, self-arranged internship or research assistantship where the student makes arrangements directly with a supervisor at an organization based outside the U.S. OR
  2. An internship arranged by a third-party internship provider at an organization based outside the U.S. where the student pays a program fee to participate.

NOTE: Third-party internship providers and the internships they help arrange are not vetted or endorsed by Harvard University. Students are responsible for researching these providers to ensure a proper fit for their interests and summer goals, and should ask providers to connect them with past participants about their experiences. Students must have internships confirmed by providing a support letter from the internship provider listing project start and end dates and location of host organization (city, country) before the funding application deadline.

Sample Providers

  • Absolute Internship – Internships based in Europe and Asia
  • Ankuri – International development internships based in India
  • Connect-123 – Healthcare, international development, global health, engineering, business, finance internships
  • Diive – Consulting, project-based internships based in South Africa
  • Kagumu Adventures – Sustainability in education, environmental science, health, and more based in Colombia
  • Pagoda Projects – Internships based worldwide in various fields
  • Sage Corps – Start-up internships
  • Think Pacific (HarvardKey access) – International development internships based in Fiji
  • United Planet – Education, community development, global health and sustainability
  • Virtual Internships – Remote work placements in 70+ countries

Important Dates

  1. March 3, 2022 – Deadline to apply for OCS funding
  2. TBD – Interviews for funding
  3. TBD – Funding notifications go out on rolling basis
  4. TBD – Deadline to accept/decline funding award
  5. April 12, 2022 – Deadline to submit pre-departure requirements to receive funding

Who Can Apply for Funding?:

OCS can only fund students who are:

  1. Pursuing internships that are 8 weeks or longer where host organizations are based outside the U.S.
  2. In good standing
  3. Current Harvard College undergraduates, 1st-year through 1st semester senior during Spring 2022
  4. Enrolled full-time during Spring 2022
  5. Planning to enroll in Fall 2022

**Preference will be given to students who have NOT received prior funding and for whom this is their last summer of college**

How to Apply:

  1. Apply directly to the internship placement program
  2. Enroll in direct deposit.  See direct deposit instructions
  3. Apply in CARAT to “OCS Funding for an Internship or Research Assistantship Outside the U.S. SU22 (NHI)” by March 3, 2022, 11:59pm ET with the following materials:
    1. Host organization support letter listing dates of internship/research assistantship and location (Download sample support letter). If internship is not confirmed, submit proof of application (PDF format).
    2. Completed Internship and Research Assistantship Form, PDF format
    3. One-page resume, PDF format (we recommend using OCS templates)
    4. Unofficial transcript, PDF format (available under Grades tab, “View Unofficial Transcript” in my.harvard)
    5. Proof of direct deposit enrollment, PDF format. Submit a pdf screenshot from the “Student Accounts” section from my.harvard that shows you are enrolled in direct deposit (Download sample screenshot)
    6. REQUIRED for in-person internships only: Complete ALL pre-departure requirements and submit forms to respective offices (some will be submitted online). Upload forms marked with an asterisk (*) with your CARAT application:
      1. Read Harvard COVID-19 travel policy
      2. Read Harvard College International travel policy
      3. Identify your destination’s travel risk rating – students may not travel to countries or regions within countries where the risk rating is “high”
      4. Register your itinerary with International SOS – tentative dates and location (city, country) are sufficient prior to booking flight and lodging. You must update your itinerary with final flight and lodging information
      5. *Sign and submit travel waiver and release form* – include this with your CARAT application. PLEASE NOTE: Submit either the “College Students – Research of Study” or “College Students – Research or Study in Elevated Risk Destinations.” ALL FIELDS MUST BE FILLED OUT, INCLUDING THE SITE SECTION. 
      6. *Sign and submit COVID-19 vaccination attestation form* – include this with your CARAT application
      7. Submit the Harvard College Health Clearance packet. PLEASE NOTE: Submit your Health Clearance form to Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) directly by sending the packet to your primary care physician at HUHS via secure message using the HUHS Patient Portal. Do not submit to OCS and do not upload with your application. 
      8. Watch the GSS Online Pre-departure Orientation
      9. If traveling to an elevated risk region, schedule an in-person or online orientation
      10. Submit online travel safety questionnaire – OCS requires this for all in-person third-party internship funding applicants going to elevated-risk regions
      11. Schedule a consultation with Global Support Services – OCS requires this for all in-person third-party internship funding applicants going to elevated-risk regions

How much is awarded?:

  • Virtual: $4,000
  • In-person: Cost of the program fee (up to $9,700) and travel stipend

OCS will NOT fund:

Important note about award amounts:

  • Funding decisions are made by a committee
  • It is the student’s responsibility to cover or supplement any extra costs that are not included in the program fee (i.e. visas, personal expenses, immunizations, etc.)