Architecture, Urban Development, Design

Architecture careers combine art and science into the design of spaces and environments. Architects determine needs for buildings and structures, transforming them into concepts for designs that are ultimately built by others. They may also teach, conduct research, or provide consultation to building owners. Urban development (or urban planning) careers revolve around the structure and function of cities. Urban planners tackle complex problems facing a region and develop strategies for future growth and development by helping to create a broad vision for the community. Design is interdisciplinary by nature, incorporating elements of various fields including engineering, technology, social science, media, and the arts to create the objects and tools we use everyday.

Finding Internships

Architectural internship experiences for undergraduates are limited, as they are usually reserved for students earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Consider shadowing with an architect to observe a typical work day. Alumni from the College or Graduate School of Design can be found through the Alumni Directory and are often willing to speak to undergraduates about career paths and preparation. Urban development and planning internships are available with cities, suburban communities, county planning agencies, and state and regional planning agencies, as well as with private planning consulting firms whose clients include municipalities, states, and developers. Design firms typically seek juniors with engineering or technical concentrations for summer internships.

Finding Jobs

Most full-time job in the architecture and planning industries require a graduate degree. Some administrative opportunities (e.g. office manager, assistant) do exist to gain exposure to the fields. While an undergraduate degree is typically the standard prerequisite for design jobs, a graduate degree in industrial design, engineering, or architecture is often required to advance beyond entry level opportunities.

Graduate and Professional Programs

A Master of Architecture degree is necessary for a career as an architect. Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than architecture can apply for a M.Arch degree, a three-year program at most institutions. A master’s-level graduate degree is considered the standard for those interested in city/urban planning or development.

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