Concentrating in engineering or scientific disciplines at Harvard can lead to a diversity of career opportunities. You may choose to pursue graduate study to become more specialized in your chosen field, or to focus on teaching or research. Opportunities can be found in government laboratories and research centers, as well as agencies and political institutions. From an industry perspective, both scientific and non-scientific organizations value the quantitative, analytical, and logical reasoning skills developed as an undergraduate in the College.

Finding Internships

Plan on completing both a research and internship experience during your undergraduate education. Along with your coursework, the best way to explore a career in science or engineering is by finding laboratory work in your field with a potential mentor during the school terms or over the summer. In addition, internships (ideally in your junior summer) provide real-world industry experience, which is directly applicable to future career paths. Consider organizations as varied as engineering firms, government agencies, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, the energy industry, technology companies, or scientific consulting firms.

Finding Jobs

The junior internship is an ideal stepping stone to a full-time job in engineering or physical science. Employers also like to see hands-on or competition experiences (e.g. completing a design project, or participating in a robotics club). Plan to attend events in the fall, and look for a majority of job postings and interview opportunities in late fall and the spring of senior year.

Graduate and Professional Programs

Deciding whether to pursue a research-based Ph.D. program versus a professional master’s degree hinges on your ultimate goals. In addition to speaking with an adviser at our office, discuss this decision with trusted members of the faculty who have advised or taught you in a related discipline. Faculty are often in the best position to describe the academic and research components of graduate education and may even connect you to their colleagues in departments and schools across the country for further information.

Making Connections & Employer Research

Summer is an excellent time to learn more about specific industries and employers, which includes reaching out to fellow students, recent alumni, and other professionals who are working in fields or at organizations that interest you. Making connections and networking are the most effective ways to explore pathways, navigate the application and interview process, and position yourself for future internship and job opportunities. What sets a candidate apart is their demonstrated interest and knowledge about the organization, the work that they do, and the broader career field. Get a head start by utilizing some of

By Recruiting / Employer Engagement Team
Recruiting / Employer Engagement Team
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Making the Most of Your Summer

Summer is almost here! Congratulations on completing the academic year. We know that while many of you may be looking forward to a summer experience, others may still be seeking new opportunities.

If you are looking for a summer experience, …

By Recruiting / Employer Engagement Team
Recruiting / Employer Engagement Team
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Resource Spotlight: Vault

Vault is a valuable, comprehensive career planning tool – whether you have a career in mind, are not sure where to begin, or want some options to consider. Peruse this terrific resource to access numerous career guides, explore career fields, …

By Loredana George
Loredana George Assistant Director, Consulting, International Relations, Global Development, Education, Psychology, Global Health, Human Rights, & Alumni Engagement
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Featured Resources

Below is a sample of the organizations that have structured leadership development programs. These entry-level programs often allow employees to …

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