Internship Course Credit

Requests for Internship Credit

Some employers may require that students receive course credit to be eligible for the internship they offer. Harvard College does not offer course credit for internships. As an alternative, students may work with their academic advisor during the following fall term to propose a course of independent study that will incorporate their previous summer internship experience into an academic program. Any sophomore, junior, or senior in Harvard College who participates in a summer internship and whose previous academic record is satisfactory may be eligible to work with a faculty advisor to undertake an independent study for course credit during the next term in which they are enrolled in the College. Unfortunately the College is not able to provide letters about future independent study credit for students on leave during the Fall or Spring term. Students wishing to earn credit for a term-time internship may be able to enroll in a for-credit internship course at a community college or state university.

If you are seeking a summer internship for which course credit is required, please complete the following three steps, and we can then provide you with a letter stating the aforementioned policy.

Step 1: Obtain from your resident Dean/Tutor a statement that you are a student “in good academic standing” and returning to Harvard to resume your studies the semester following the period of the proposed internship.

Step 2: Prepare a note stating your name, email, the name of the employer, email address of the employer, and indicate if you would like to have the letter emailed to you, directly to the employer, or both.

Step 3: Email both documents together to Anthony Arcieri ( at the Mignone Center for Career Success.

Remember to give yourself enough time to gather documents for this request. Once we receive your request, we will have your letter available as soon as possible.