Consulting firms are hired by organizations of all kinds – for-profit, nonprofit, and government agencies – to help them solve a problem or facilitate an organizational change. The more commonly known “general strategy” firms cover a broad portfolio of industries across sectors. There are also firms that specialize in specific industries such as healthcare, government, and financial services, while others specialize in functional areas that span industries, such as human resources, technology, and communications. Rather than hire an outside firm, some organizations have internal consultants, also referred to as business or corporate strategy departments, to address and resolve similar business and operational issues from within the organization.

Pavida Charoen-Rajapark, Engineering Sciences

What are your post-graduation plans?
LEK Consulting

What is your anticipated job title or function?
PhD Analyst

What advice do you have for Harvard GSAS students, now that you are graduating?
Have fun in the process!

By Mignone Center for Career Success
Mignone Center for Career Success
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Karina Gaft-Azcue, ALM Sustainability

Where will you be living next year, and what will you be doing?
Berkshires, MA – Upon graduating, I will be looking into starting my own Sustainability Consulting Firm with a focus on corporate sustainability. I am also planning to …

By Mignone Center for Career Success for Career Success
Mignone Center for Career Success for Career Success
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Olivia Price, A.B., Economics

Where are you located now?

New York City, NY

What are you doing?

I am working at NBCUniversal Media, LLC as part of their Ad Sales Associates Program! I am rotating onto two different teams within the Advertising Sales department …

By Kara Blackwell
Kara Blackwell Technology Platforms Associate
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Hamza Boutaleb Joutei ALM, Management ’24

  • Technical Director CEFIS Groupe
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  • Boston, MA
  • Analyst / Youth Climate Advocate Boston Consulting Group/ United Nations
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