Olivia Price, A.B., Economics

Where are you located now?

New York City, NY

What are you doing?

I am working at NBCUniversal Media, LLC as part of their Ad Sales Associates Program! I am rotating onto two different teams within the Advertising Sales department and then will apply internally for a full-time position.

What advice do you have for Harvard undergraduates, now that you’ve graduated?

If you want to go into media, start networking right now. Connections you make in the industry are really important and also really great in helping you decide what you want to do. These connections are also great in helping you once you decide to apply to a position. Another piece of advice would be to start thinking early on what your narrative is and how you are going to tell your story during an interview. I started practicing interview questions in the fall of my senior year. By the time I interviewed in the spring for this position, I was so used to answering questions it all came naturally and felt like a conversation.

By Kara Blackwell
Kara Blackwell Technology Platforms Associate