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Fashion is a large and complex industry encompassing design work (fashion designer or buyer of materials, such as textiles) as well as a variety of business-related functions (developing, managing, selling, and accounting for products and services). Retail involves the sale of goods or commodities directly to consumers. Typical career paths and training vary depending on both the company and its industry segment. The hospitality industry has many opportunities all focused on customer service, including Food and Beverage, Lodging and Accommodation, Travel, Tourism and Transportation, Leisure, and Recreation.

Finding Internships

The fashion and retail industries value candidates who are willing to “put themselves out there” and demonstrate a genuine interest in the field. An excellent resource is the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund, which offers an annual case study competition. Winners of the competition receive financial awards, mentorship, and connections to internships in the industry. In hospitality, major hotel groups offer management training programs. These programs typically rotate candidates through several of their core business areas – food services, event management, front-desk operations, and housekeeping – with the intention of finding the right fit based on both the candidate’s and hotel’s needs.

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