Big Interview

Big Interview has multiple tools students can use to prepare for interviewing. In addition to a thorough online curriculum and an extensive library of questions, students can use Big Interview’s VideoAI Feedback Tool to evaluate their recorded responses. One-time registration with your Harvard email address allows easy access through Harvard Key.


Select the “Interviews” tab from your dashboard to see all the available tools and resources as seen in the image below.

Image from Big Interview homepage showing navigation options: Interview Assignments, Analytics, Interview Curriculum, Question Library, Practice Sets, Interview Roulette, My Videos, Build Answer, My Answer

Practice Sets

“Practice Sets” are questions grouped to simulate the series of questions you might be asked in an interview. The “General” sets cover a wide range behavioral/fit questions. The “By Industry” sets focus on what you might be asked in a given sector.

Practice and Improvement

Recording yourself is a great opportunity to evaluate and improve your responses. Leverage the “Build Answer” feature, review the “Interview Curriculum” and use the VideoAI Feedback Tool under “My Videos” to improve your results for the next recording or the real thing.

Text reading Tell me about a time when you came up with a new approach to a problem, above a split imagine.  The left side of the image is a woman ready to ask pre-recorded question and the right side  has text reading Record your answer for this question and includes a red button with the text Start Recording.
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