Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma

Concentrating in the scientific disciplines at Harvard prepares you for diverse career opportunities. You may choose to pursue graduate study to become more specialized in your chosen field, or become an expert, focusing on teaching or research. Opportunities abound in government laboratories and research centers, as well as agencies and political institutions. From an industry perspective, both scientific and non-scientific organizations value the quantitative, analytical, and logical reasoning skills developed as an undergraduate in the College with a scientific concentration. Consider organizations as varied as government agencies, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical and healthcare facilities, nature/wildlife preserves, museums, or scientific consulting firms.

Finding Internships

Plan on completing both a research and internship experience during your undergraduate education. Along with your science-related coursework, the best way to explore a career in the sciences is by finding laboratory work in your field with a potential mentor during the school terms or over the summer. Research forms the backbone of any scientific endeavor and this experience will provide the skills and knowledge necessary for a future career. Consider focusing on research if you are certain that you want to pursue a Ph.D. In addition, internships provide real-world industry experience which is directly applicable to future career paths.

The Ultimate Guide To Transform Your LinkedIn Profile

Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If you don’t have one, please stop reading and go to create one.

Without LinkedIn, it can get very difficult to get a job in 2022.

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Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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Be a Beta-Tester for Springer Nature Academy – Get $50

The FAS Office of Career Services and the HMS Office for Graduate Education have been consulting with Springer Nature as they develop a new career skills assessment and exploration tool  for early-career researchers: Springer Nature Academy.

This tool is now …

By Laura Stark
Laura Stark Director of Graduate Career Services, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
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Beyond Big Tech: Where Can I Find Summer Opportunities?

Interested in working in the tech industry, but not sure what to make of the news (Twitter Takeover, Meta Layoffs, Google Hiring Freeze)? While the tech economy looks like it is going through an economic slowdown, there are still many …

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Meaghan Shea Assistant Director, Technology, Data Analytics, Life & Physical Sciences & Entrepreneurship
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