Hands typing on a lap top computer.

Technical Interviews

When interviewing for technical roles like software engineer, data scientist, quantitative analyst, or product manager, expect both technical assessments and behavioral interview questions. Technical questions could take the form of coding challenges, brain teasers, or product case scenarios. Check out the resources below to explore how to best prepare for your upcoming technical interviews.

General Tech/Software Engineering

Data Science/Analytics

Product Management

Quantitative Finance

MCS Interview Prep Resources

  • Prep with Big Interview—Review expert video lessons with AI-based virtual practice interview tools, record mock interviews with instant AI feedback.
  • Schedule a mock interview with MCS Firsthand Advisors—Connect with Harvard alumni in the tech field for mock interviews and more.
  • Review Harvard College Guide to Interviewing for in-depth instructions on how to ace your interview. See also a list of common interview questions.
  • Consult the Vault Guides for industry-specific knowledge. Most guides include sample interview questions. Harvard FAS students can access the entire Vault Library via the MCS Firsthand Advisors platform.  Once logged in, simply use the left-hand navigation to select “The Library.”