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Consulting Application Deadlines

Consulting employers (particularly MBB – McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and The Boston Consulting Group) will begin recruiting this semester with application deadlines starting this summer for full-time and summer internship roles that begin in 2025. These details are subject to change, and we will continue to share updates when we have them. There are also many other opportunities in the consulting field that will hire on a later timeline, and we will share that information once employers finalize their recruiting plans.

See below for application deadlines and visit employer websites for more information.  

  • The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
    • Full-time: August 7
    • Intern: July 17 (recommended deadline) & September 4 
  • Bain & Company
    • Full-time: July 7 (recommended deadline) & September 8
    • Intern: July 7 (recommended deadline) & September 8
  • McKinsey & Company
    • Full-time: August 8
    • Intern: September 12
  • L.E.K
    • Full-time: Rolling from June 28 to August 16 (interviews begin July 15)
    • Intern: September 15
  • Oliver Wyman
    • Full-time: TBD
    • Intern: May 19

We will continue to update as we learn about employer recruiting plans. 

Sample Events: 

Application Prep Resources: 

Initial Case Interview Prep Resources: 

  • Case Questions Interactive (free through MCS) – Marc Cosentino, author of Case in Point, has compiled resources and practice cases for students to access online.  
  • Utilize MCS Firsthand Advisers to request a mock interview from an alum with consulting or related experience, and to access the Vault Guide to Case Interviews
  • Management Consulted Free Case Interview Prep Course – “This course will give you insight into what you need to know to ace the case interview, and it will give you a solid foundation on which to build the rest of your preparation.”
  • Fast Math Resources – Access free tools like a Quantitative Assessment Quiz and Mental Math Exercises put together by Matthew Tambiah 
  • Case Questions Exchange Platform – “Exchange was developed for students from around the world to practice cases with their peers from other schools. When you register, your personal information will be protected. Members will be able to sign up to give or receive cases with students from other schools. You can request to be removed from the list at any time.

For updates as well as tips to prepare for the recruiting process, be sure to update your Email Preferences. Under “Build Career Skills”, select “Engage with Employers” to join the Recruiting and Employer email list.

By Recruiting / Employer Engagement Team
Recruiting / Employer Engagement Team