ALM, Management

Where will you be living next year?
Boston, Massachusetts

What will you be doing?
Having been a program manager at a leading insurance company before joining HES, my perspective was limited. However, the Harvard Extension School (HES) has broadened my thinking and provided me with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of business. Under Professor Teo’s guidance, I gained valuable insights into real estate fundamentals, prompting me to explore investment opportunities for my first home. Thanks to Professor Ted Ladd, HES has also instilled in me the mindset of building platforms. Currently, I am actively involved in developing an innovative platform alongside my partner. Recognizing the importance of enhancing my public speaking skills, I enrolled in Harvard Summer School, where I will learn from Professor Jill Syle. Additionally, with HES career services, I secured a meaningful job that aligns with my aspirations. Now, as a recent graduate, I aim to further prepare myself for a doctorate degree. Living near campus, I am eager to engage in student association activities and contribute to future graduates’ success.

What advice do you have for Harvard HES students, now that you have graduated?
Embark on an immersive journey that promises to be the pinnacle of your academic years. Amidst a remarkable group of professors and fellow students, these are the golden years you’ll cherish. Embrace those sleepless nights, for they hold a charm you’ll yearn for once you don the graduation cap. Seize every opportunity to visit the campus, for its hallowed grounds inspire and invigorate. Even if you are in the virtual classroom, don’t hesitate to fully engage in every class. Transcend the syllabus boundaries and embrace a mindset beyond the lecture hall. Professors, ever supportive and nurturing, eagerly await your intellectual endeavors. So, choose courses that truly ignite your passion and revel in the sheer joy of learning. You will relish the fruits of your diligent work along the way.

In what ways has your Harvard Extension degree impacted your career?
Harvard Extension School worked its transformative magic on me, shaping me into a well-rounded individual. Initially daunted by real estate and entrepreneurship, I eagerly sought guidance from seasoned experts. Professor Teo imparted to me the foundational knowledge of real estate, unraveling its intricacies with finesse. Moreover, HES stimulated my mindset to envision innovative platforms, thanks to Professor Ted Ladd’s enlightening guidance. In addition, with the invaluable assistance of HES career services, I secured the job I had been diligently pursuing. However, I also received an unexpected surprise. To my delight, I was offered a higher position and a more generous compensation package than originally anticipated. Harvard Extension School has truly been a catalyst for my holistic growth, empowering me with expertise, perspective, and unparalleled opportunities.