What was your concentration at Harvard?

Where are you located now?
Santiago Chile; Washington, D.C.; Queens, New York City

What are you doing?
I will be volunteering with a local non-profit in Santiago on economic development, rural education, and infrastructure from June to July. Then, I will intern with the International Organization for Migration at the United Nations, also in Santiago, working on the economic integration of migrants, humanitarian assistance, and political/legal advocacy. This will be till December 2023, and in January 2024, I will start as an Analyst at Dalberg in their D.C. office.

What advice do you have for Harvard undergraduates, now that you’ve graduated?
Chase your passions and wildest dreams at Harvard (even if they may look really different from your peers’ paths or your family’s expectations of you), be open to transformation and change in unexpected or unusual or even uncomfortable places, take your classes seriously and go to your professors’ office hours (they’re lovely people), and follow your gut/instincts! Also, find mentors and people to walk you through college (especially if you’re a first-generation student), whether it be professors, leaders in a local community you join, or older students. And give back! Volunteering your time, resources, and talents can really make an impact — and often are the most meaningful experiences you’ll have at Harvard.