ALM, Management

Where will you be living next year?
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

What will you be doing?
As Head of Marketing for my company, I will be applying much of what I learned at Harvard into my everyday work. My graduate certificate for Marketing Management and Digital Strategy will be put to use with the launch of two luxury brands, two businesses that supports the Cayman community and a global reg tech software solution. The courses I took to attain the ALM, Management were impactful and greatly influences the strategic and management decisions I make as the marketing subject matter expert. As the year looks to be very busy, I am enabled and empowered by my time at Harvard.

What advice do you have for Harvard HES students, now that you have graduated?
Take the courses that will drive the change you seek. But that change only starts with the learning and must be followed through in the work you do in any way you can apply the knowledge. Also, the team projects are so important in many of these classes, give a Harvard level of effort for the team. The benefits and the camaraderie go so much past the grade. For graduation, there’s a third floor bathroom in the Museum of Natural History that doesn’t have lines for either gender.

In what ways has your Harvard Extension degree impacted your career?
I am fortunate in that I was able to choose every course at HES to suit the work I do as a marketing leader. My company is a diversified firm that owns several businesses of which I serve as a coach (and sometimes player) for the success of the business. HES has had a direct impact in the course of my career path. Graduation affected my outlook on leadership and who I want to be.