My name is Esha and I am a proud resident of Winthrop concentrating in Neuroscience (Mind, Brain, and Behavior) with a secondary in Global Health & Health Policy (shocking, I know) and a Spanish citation. I was born in Pakistan, spent the majority of my childhood in Italy, and now live in the DMV area. So, I am really passionate about diversity and empowering students from all walks of life. Beyond helping freshmen adjust to their new college life as a PAF, I’m also very passionate about FGLI issues through PRIMUS, and focus on challenging current medical systems to be more equitable and empathy-driven. On campus, I also serve as the President of the Harvard Global Education Movement, a Wellness Educator, and the Secretary for the Pakistani Student Association. For fun, I love spending time with my loved ones, going on long walks in the Boston area, and trying food from various cuisines! I hope to be a resource to you all so please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about being premed, FGLI, or just anything!