Kohlberg Manacher Foundation Professional Excellence Scholarship

Devangana Rana ’25 recently shared that the Kohlberg Manacher Foundation (KMF) is accepting applications for the Professional Excellence Scholarship Program which can grant up to $15,000 for eligible recipients (see below requirements)! The priority application deadline is May 1st, but they may accept applications through June.

“The KMF Professional Excellence Scholarship Program seeks exceptional incoming college juniors and/or seniors from low income, less-privileged families. The Program is performance-based, includes a formal curriculum and active mentoring, and is limited to students with intended careers in business (any discipline/industry, yet especially management consulting, market research, asset management. investment banking) computer science, or data science.

We want to help these young people achieve top 1% performance in their chosen field(s); create happy and fulfilling lives, help their families and communities. KMF offers a practical, experience-based curriculum that provides a rock-solid foundation for early, middle, and later career success – especially for those with an entrepreneurial mindset that ultimately want to start their own business.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria
Scholarship selection criteria include, yet are not limited to:
● Full-time 2024-25 junior and/or senior of a U.S. college or university
● Demonstrated high levels of achievement, resiliency, and maturity
● Strong academic record (minimum GPA of 3.3/4.0)
● Considerable achievements (in sports, other extra-curricular activities, and/or other unique skills or accomplishments)
● Demonstrated entrepreneurial experience or tendencies
● Personal/family circumstances

The total annual time commitment is approximately 45 hours, or one hour per week (August – May), for each of the Program’s two years.

IMPORTANT – If you do not have the time to fully commit to the Program, for whatever reason(s), please, do not apply! Additionally, anyone planning to attend graduate school directly after college, or for the year after that, should not apply for this program, as a considerable amount of the content is designed for succeeding in the workplace in the first few years after undergraduate education has been completed.

For questions, please contact Ivini Barbosa at Ivini@kohlberg-manacherfoundation.com”

Read more and apply on the Kohlberg Manacher Foundation Website 

By Meaghan Shea
Meaghan Shea Assistant Director, Technology, Data Analytics, Life & Physical Sciences & Entrepreneurship