Resource Spotlight: Vault

Vault is a valuable, comprehensive career planning tool – whether you have a career in mind, are not sure where to begin, or want some options to consider. Peruse this terrific resource to access numerous career guides, explore career fields, learn about top internships, review graduate school information, get job search resources, and much more!

1. Get started on Vault: log into the MCS Firsthand Advisors platform and click on Guides.

Vault Guide Step 1 Guides

To access Vault, log in with your Harvard credentials. Click on Vault and peruse the page to see available guides or check the drop-down menu on the search bar for a list of guides by topic. Vault includes comprehensive guides packed with career overviews, background information, industry outlook, key resources, and related professions. You have an option to view or download the guides.

2. Explore the Careers tab and find menu options for the following:

Vault Guide Step 2 Careers
  • Vault Rankings – Rankings by selected career areas such as law, consulting, and banking as well as various internships rankings. These guides include thorough information for ranked companies.
  • Companies – Rankings for individual companies and by category such as:  fintech startups, favorite brands, nonprofit, sustainability, gaming, tech, etc. These guides include company overview, stats, background, employee reviews, and information about getting hired.
  • Professions –Best jobs for various industries with information about roles, salary, requirements, work environment, and outlook.
  • Industries – Fastest growing industries as well as best industries for undergraduates, for liberal arts majors, STEM fields, and more. Each category includes information such as an overview, background, industry outlook, resources, and related professions.
  • Internships – Information about internships by categories such as: consumer goods, consulting, media, and tech.

3. Take time to learn about the platform, including blogs and the Resource Center.

Firsthand Vault Guide how-to Step 2

Vault is a terrific resource to help you:

  • Research Career Paths
  • Discover Companies
  • Explore Vault Rankings
  • Consider Industries
  • Identify Professions
  • Gather Career Insights

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By Loredana George
Loredana George Assistant Director, Consulting, International Relations, Global Development, Education, Psychology, Global Health, Human Rights, & Alumni Engagement