How AI is Transforming the Music Industry

This article was originally published in TIME Magazine. Please see excerpt below and link to full article.

“Earlier this year, Bad Bunny emphatically rejected rumors that he was about to release a new song with Justin Bieber. “That’s fake,” he told TIME in an interview for a cover story on his meteoric rise. “You never know what I’m going to do.” 

But last month, a song featuring what sounded like his and Bieber’s voices started circulating on TikTok, garnering millions of likes. Bad Bunny hadn’t lied in the interview, though: the song was created with AI. An artist named FlowGPT had used AI technology to recreate the voices of Bad Bunny, Bieber and Daddy Yankee in a reggaeton anthem. Bad Bunny himself hated it, calling it a “shit of a song” in Spanish and discouraging his fans from listening, and the clip was removed from TikTok. But many fans of all three megastars loved it all the same.”

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