The Network Effect: Why Companies Should Care About Employees’ LinkedIn Connections

Could increasing your LinkedIn connections set you apart in the job search process? A new study led by Frank Nagle, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at HBS seems to indicate that this might be the case.

“In today’s high-tech economy, it’s not just quant skills and R&D know-how that confer competitive advantage. Relationships still matter—maybe more than ever, as social media turbocharges old-fashioned networking.

new study mapped LinkedIn connections among firms woven out of 2 billion individual employee relationships at 7,715 public US companies representing 19 industries. The researchers found that companies whose real-world employee connections put them at the center of their professional communities performed better than peer companies whose workforces were less well-connected and, as a result, on the periphery of the same community.”

Read more from the HBS Working Knowledge article published Nov. 14, 2023:

By Ben Rand
Ben Rand