Who’s Hiring? 9 Orgs Supporting People with Disabilities

Who’s Hiring? 9 Orgs Supporting People with Disabilities was originally published on Idealist Careers.

Who's Hiring? 9 Orgs Working to Support Individuals with Disabilities

Illustration by Marian Blair

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990, prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities in all areas of public life. While this landmark piece of legislation initiated significant steps to make the country more accessible, there is still work to be done for disability rights in 2023.

There are plenty of organizations in the Idealist community that are dedicated to this work, some of which are currently hiring! If you’re looking to lend your skills and talent to the cause, check out our roundup of nonprofit organizations that support people with disabilities.

Disability Rights Maryland, Baltimore, MD

This nonprofit legal advocacy organization is dedicated to advancing disability rights. By providing free legal services, such as advice and counsel, impact litigation, and training and technical assistance, Disability Rights Maryland (DRM) helps people with disabilities engage in all aspects of public life. They are currently hiring for two roles: Staff Attorney (Developmental Disabilities & Healthcare) and Managing or Assistant Managing Attorney.

Ability Now Bay Area, Oakland, CA

This nonprofit hosts a range of programs for adults with developmental and physical disabilities. Through advocacy efforts, skill-training services, and wellness and community integration, Ability Now Bay Area helps individuals build independent and fulfilling lives. Currently, they are hiring for an Art & Music Instructor to assist with program development.

Dyslexia Alliance for Black Children, Scarsdale, NY

Dedicated to eliminating inequities faced by Black children who experience unaddressed Dyslexia and related learning disabilities, the Dyslexia Alliance for Black Children is looking for a Program Manager to work remotely on a full-time schedule.

Rising Ground, Yonkers, NY

Providing human services to adults, children, and families in the greater New York City area, this nonprofit supports people with disabilities through special education and recreation programs. They are hiring for a Family Engagement Specialist and a Community Schools Activities Specialist (Bilingual).

Job Path, Inc., New York, NY

Job Path helps people with developmental disabilities lead full and active lives by assisting with the job search, volunteer opportunities, and encouraging community engagement. They are currently hiring for six open roles in New York City: Residential Direct Support Professional, Disability Employment Specialist, Live-In Companion, Residential Direct Support Professional, Job Coach, and Supported Employment Counselor.

Home Base Inc., Burlington, VT

With a mission to support adults with developmental disabilities, this nonprofit uses education, guidance, and direct care to help individuals achieve independence in their daily lives. Currently, Home Base Inc. is hiring for both a Live-in Caregiver and Direct Care Staff for positions based in Burlington, VT.

disAbility Law Center of Virginia, Richmond, VA

This state-designated protection and advocacy agency in Virginia provides free legal aid and advocacy efforts to prevent discrimination and protect the rights of people with disabilities. The disAbility Law Center of Virginia is hiring for two roles: Director of Fiscal and Operations and Staff Attorney or Senior Staff Attorney.

Disability:IN, Alexandria, VA

Based in Alexandria, VA, Disability:IN works to expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The nonprofit acts as a resource for corporations to build inclusive atmospheres that respect employee’s livelihoods and promote disability rights. They are hiring a remote Corporate Engagement Coordinator.

Viability, Inc., Northampton, MA

Viability, Inc. develops programs and services to promote access, equity, and inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Some of their offerings are targeted to help people with employment training, the job search, community living, and adult family care. They are currently seeking a Director – Odyssey Clubhouse.


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If you’ve missed the boat on any opportunities with the above organizations, don’t forget to explore our latest job listings to find potential employers focused on the rights and welfare of people with disabilities.