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Managing Offers

Below are some resources for managing offers, including details for the MCS Managing Offers Webinar next week. Review this message for guidance regardless of whether you anticipate receiving an offer in the short term. 

Managing Offers Webinar 

Monday, August 7, 2022, 5:00-6:00pm ET 

Many students are surprised to find the “offer stage” just as stressful as the recruiting process. Learn how to advocate for yourself while maintaining good professional relationships when asking questions or addressing issues about your offer. Join the MCS Employer Relations Director, Deb Carroll, to discuss some of the following scenarios/questions and more: 

  • What if your employer is asking you to make a decision before you are ready? 
  • How do you talk about your offer with other prospective employers? 
  • What if you want to change groups, location, or some other aspect of your offer? 

To Participate: Register using your Harvard (@college) email address. Please register here.   

Guidelines for Navigating an Offer 

We wanted to share some guidelines in advance of the webinar. It is typical for employers to ask candidates to reply to an offer in a 2-week decision window. MCS encourages employers to consider requests for additional flexibility on a case-by-case basis. If you receive an offer and would like more time than is initially extended to you to decide, we recommend reaching out to request a phone conversation to ask for more time. MCS is happy to advise on this process and advocate on students’ behalf when requested.  

  • Offer Help: Students can email ( for assistance in scheduling an appointment for a time-sensitive offer issue or schedule an appointment with an MCS adviser for advice on managing and evaluating your offer. 

What If I Don’t Get a Job Offer from My Summer Employer? 

For a variety of reasons, not all employers extend full-time offers to all summer interns. Take some time to reflect on what you learned this summer, what kind of skills you acquired, and what kind of environment you may (or may not) want to work in. Plan to attend MCS Daily Drop-Ins, Monday – Friday, 1 – 4pm (resuming on Monday, August 28), or schedule an appointment with an adviser to plan your job search strategy. Know there are many employers hiring for full-time opportunities through MCS Recruiting, career fairs, and recruiting events this fall in addition to many non-Recruiting postings in Crimson Careers.  

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By Recruiting / Employer Engagement Team
Recruiting / Employer Engagement Team