Career Fair Success! Workshop Recap

Tips to navigate larger employer events

Career fairs are one way for employers to connect with applicants. Fairs come in a range of sizes and industry focus. You need to find ways to make a good impression and stand apart. Read on for tips for navigating fairs, adapted from our “Career Fair Success” workshop.


  • Know what companies will be in attendance. Take a look in Crimson Careers, and make your short list of companies to connect with.
  • Research, research, research. Identify the employer culture, mission, & skills valued​, review organizations’ social media accounts, and talk to alumni​. Use company websites, news outlets, and websites like and LinkedIn.
  • Prepare/update your resume. Check out the MCS templates, and come to our daily drop-in hours for feedback.
  • Brainstorm questions to ask.
  • Prep your introduction. Often called an elevator pitch, give your name, concentration, and year in school​, and summarize relevant experience (internships, classes, projects) and skills in 30 to 60 seconds.
  • VIRTUAL: Set up your tech. Check your internet connection, lighting, and any other prior instructions regarding registration & sign ups.


  • Know where you’re going. Make sure you head to the correct location!
  • Dress to impress. Check out our blog and webpage on what to wear to employer events, while still being authentically you.
  • Bring: your Harvard ID, copies of your resume.
  • Collect business cards. Whether they’re the paper kind, QR codes, or snapping a pic of the recruiter’s email (with permission of course!).
  • VIRTUAL: Watch your background & body language and considering connecting your audio via dialing in when possible. This way, if you lose internet or video, you can still have a conversation.


  • Connect with recruiters. LinkedIn is your new best friend. If you didn’t snag a business card or forgot their name, check Crimson Careers for contact information.
  • Follow up. Send a thank you email and apply for the opportunities that seemed a good fit.

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By Katie Fell
Katie Fell Assistant Director, Harvard College Still Deciding, Exploring, & Self-Assessment