Get Experience in Aerospace Through One of Four Exciting Fellowships!

Check out one of these really cool fellowships targeted towards different student populations:

The Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship is an internship, mentorship, and networking opportunity awarded to exceptional college juniors, seniors, and graduate students pursuing careers in the commercial spaceflight industry. The highly selective program awards exceptional students passionate about the commercial spaceflight industry with paid summer internships at cutting-edge commercial space companies, one-on-one mentorship from accomplished members of the space community, and a memorable summit during which the Fellows visit space start-ups, network with top industry leaders, and develop entrepreneurial skills. When the summer ends, the Fellows remain part of the MIFP Alumni community and continue benefitting from the Fellowship’s network on their path to becoming future space icons. Deadline is usually mid-October.

The Brooke Owens Fellowship provides paid internships and executive mentorship to women and gender minorities in the aerospace industry, including in engineering, science, policy, and business. Fellows have interned at over 30 host companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and Boeing. Each cohort convenes for a 3-day summit in July to build connections with their class and network with top aerospace professionals. In addition to a paid internship and summit experience, fellows are also matched with executive mentors— think CEOs and astronauts! Deadline is usually mid-October.

The Patti Grace Smith Fellowship is designed to celebrate and serve Black Excellence in Aerospace. We’re on a mission to provide a meaningful, effective pathway into successful aerospace careers and future aerospace industry leadership to people whose race and ethnicity has made them the subject of systemic bias. We’ve created a comprehensive program tailored for Black and African-American students who are looking for their first ever internship in the aerospace industry. An official spin-off of the award-winning Brooke Owens Fellowship, and based closely on that successful model, our program provides extraordinary Black students with their first work experience in the aerospace industry, personalized mentorship, and a cohort of similarly driven and talented young Black people pursuing aerospace careers. Deadline is usually mid-October.

The Zed Factor Fellowship aims to elevate the diversity and impact of the aerospace community. Through internships for top qualified applicants, Zed Factor empowers learners who struggle to find role models that they can emulate. Zed Factor Fellows bring their unique backgrounds and perspectives, as well as technical skills to a community that enables them to reach for, and go beyond, the stars. The Zed Factor Fellowship will include pairing fellows with industry mentors, placing them in paid summer internships, and providing opportunities for them to build a community (via a summit and other gatherings, in person and virtual, throughout and after the summer program). The participants will also be required to give back to their communities, providing mentorship to a younger community member, building a program in their high school, or finding an appropriate way to grow and expand the impact of the Zed Factor Fellowship beyond themselves. Deadline is usually late December / early January.

By Anthony Arcieri
Anthony Arcieri Anthony Arcieri, Director of Undergraduate Career Advising and Programming, Architecture, Engineering, Environment Advising