Lisette Leon, A.B., Government and Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights

Where are you located now?
New York, NY

What are you doing?
I am working as a legal assistant at Milbank in the Litigation Group and hoping to find volunteer spaces once I get my grounding in this new job.

What advice do you have for Harvard undergraduates, now that you’ve graduated?
The best thing you can do for yourself at Harvard is reach out to people. Whether that be upperclassmen, professors, or supervisors in different spaces, mentorship was invaluable to me as a way to learn more about how to navigate the overwhelming amount of opportunities that this institution provides. Find those people who will advocate for you! Welcome change or opportunities that may scare you and prioritize building strong and healthy friendships that will outlast your 4 years at Harvard. Can’t say enough how much my family and friends played a role in keeping me going when things got hard 🙂

By Thomas Oppong
Thomas Oppong Marketing, Branding, and Communications Coordinator