Student Groups

Hosting a career-related event or working with employers? Partner with MCS!

The Mignone Center for Career Success (MCS) often collaborates with student groups to support career-related events for the Harvard community. This partnership helps ensure that your program is effective and successful. Joining in partnership with our office also enables your organization and Harvard to have a long-term relationship with invited speakers and employers. If you are hosting an event with employers and/or looking for help with a career-related event, fill out the Student Group Event Survey.

If your event is open beyond the members of your student group, we may be able to help with:

  • Planning and Logistics,
  • Publicity,
  • Space, and
  • Employer and Alumni Connections.

Register ALL events with employers, including virtual and off campus events, via the Student Group Event Survey.

We work with the Harvard College Dean of Students Office and the Harvard Griffin GSAS Student Center to help student organizations manage their relationship with employers and graduate schools. When hosting a members-only or open event with an employer or graduate school, student organizations are asked to share event information with our office. Please enter event information and indicate on the Student Group Event Survey if the event is members-only, open, or if you would like to request our help. Please feel free to submit the Student Group Event Survey with tentative information early in your planning process. Recruiting events, such as career fairs and information sessions, should be coordinated with our office (recruiting [at] We look forward to working with you. If you have questions, please contact recruiting [at]

Guidelines for Events with Employers

  • Register the event with our office via the Student Group Event Survey.
  • Employer engagement should benefit the educational goals of a student organization (e.g. an alumni chat/panel about a particular sector or a resume/interview preparation workshop).
  • Student organizations should check dates for conflicts with other programs that may be happening on campus, including our calendar.
  • Events should be arranged far enough in advance to allow adequate time for marketing the events.
  • Additional considerations for use of campus space:
    • Event should be clearly hosted by the student organization and be educational rather than recruiting-focused, e.g. an alumni chat/panel about a particular sector or a resume/interview preparation workshop.
    • Host student organizations are responsible for arranging any room needs, including logistics of the room (audio, visual, seating, etc).
    • Employers may not directly request space from Harvard, and students should not request Harvard space for an employer information session or recruiting event.  Recruiting requests should be directed to our office recruiting [at]
    • Students should not promise employers free space for an information session or recruiting event as part of a sponsorship package.