Finding an Arts Internship

Internships provide the professional contacts and clips necessary to obtain future work. If you’re looking for your first or second print journalism internship, think small. Many larger papers/prominent magazines (e.g. Washington Post being one example) won’t even consider you unless you’ve already had at least two previous journalism internships. Also, don’t focus solely on print; online publications have just as many and perhaps more internship opportunities.

Publishing internships can be found in all areas of the industry, from editorial to publicity to digital to sales to subsidiary rights, and may be found in large publishing houses, university presses, and small independent houses and presses. Writers and illustrators should look for internships that will enable them to develop and hone their creative skills and learn more about the industry in which they’d ultimately like to work (i.e., a student interested in becoming a screenwriter might want to spend the summer interning in the development department of a film production company).