Career Fairs

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We organize many career fairs and expos throughout the academic year, largely focused around a specific sector or industry and timed to when those organizations are actively hiring. This helps reflect that different organizations hire on different timelines, and that the types of employers that engage on campus in the beginning of the academic year are not the same as those that will participate later in the academic year. By sharing the timeline of career fair and expo events at the beginning of the year, students can plan ahead.

At the career fairs and expos events themselves, students can expect to see multiple organization “booths,” either in-person or in a virtual career fair platform depending on the event.  Fairs and expos are an efficient way to compare and contrast different opportunities, and students are encouraged to think of them as an educational process to learn about different industries and employers, not just a resource for immediate hiring.

Learn more about our 2022-2023 career fairs by viewing the events below. 

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