How You Can Help Your Harvard College Student

From offering support and as they explore their interests, to reminding them of positive steps they can take, you have an important role in your student’s career exploration.

Encourage them to:

Come to our office. We offer drop-ins every weekday for undergraduates, as well as 30-minute scheduled appointments. Do they need help with a resume or cover letter? Have other career questions? Whether it’s finding internships, jobs, summer opportunities, preparing for graduate school, or anything else career-related, we’re here to help.

Explore their interests. We offer a wide range of career fairs and programming. We also connect students with numerous employer networking and information sessions, and we help make connections to informational interviews through our Firsthand Advisor alumni mentoring platform. To help identify their interests and skills, students can meet with an adviser and take a StrengthsProfile assessment. If you’re able to, you can also introduce your student to contacts you know who can offer career insights.

Get involved on campus. Harvard has hundreds of undergraduate student organizations as well as other opportunities for volunteering, research, study abroad, and leadership. These experiences not only help students explore their interests, but also develop transferable skills and relevant experience for employers.

Browse Crimson Careers for opportunities. Crimson Careers is the central platform that our office uses for appointments, workshops, employer events, career fairs, campus interviews, resume books, and job and internship postings. Hundreds of jobs, internships, shadowing experiences, and more are in the Crimson Careers system, waiting to be discovered.

Remind them that:

They’re taking the next step in their journey. The prospect of exploring careers can feel like they’re being asked to decide a rigid path for the rest of their lives. However, the career journey is often a winding road, with twists along the way, and their next steps beyond Harvard are just that…next steps. There will be decades of opportunity for continued growth, change, and surprise.

Concentration choice does not lock a student into a specific career. The benefit of a liberal arts education is that no concentration is the “only choice” for a particular career pathway. A Harvard education, regardless of concentration, offers a wide set of transferable skills attractive to employers.

They don’t need a plan before coming to us. Do they have no idea what they want to do after Harvard? That’s okay! In addition to our varied events, career fairs, and online career pathways resources (everything from Arts & Entertainment to Tech & Engineering), we offer self-assessment tools and other guidance to help.