FAQ for Families/Supporters

My student is overwhelmed and not sure where to start. What should I encourage them to do?

    • A good place to start is the “Still Exploring” section of our website. From here, students can read about upcoming programs, assessment tools, and resources to move them forward in the process. And of course advisors are always available each weekday afternoon during our drop-in hours to help students navigate their next steps.

What are the career options for XXX concentration?

    • As a liberal arts and sciences school, all of the concentrations at Harvard give students a foundation of strong critical thinking, as well as analytical and writing skills. These attributes are sought in all sectors and industries, and are broadly applicable. Some jobs do require specific technical skills (e.g. engineering or computer science) but for the majority of concentrations there are varied post-graduate options including employment or graduate/professional school.

What do students do the summer after their first year of college?

    • Students do a variety of things during all of their summers at Harvard. After a student’s first year, many return home to rest and reset. Others may do research, either on campus or off, and international experiences such as study abroad are also popular. There is no prescribed plan for the summer, and the first summer is particularly flexible.

How does my student schedule an appointment?

    • We offer Harvard College undergraduates ten-minute “ask me anything” drop-in sessions. This is the best way to get started with our services. Students can also schedule a 30-minute advising appointment. See our Talk to an Advisor page for details.

When/how soon should they start using Mignone Center for Career Success services?

    • We encourage students to take time to settle in when they arrive at Harvard. Once they are ready to connect, we recommend starting with a 10-minute drop-in session and an advisor can help them think about next steps.

How do I find out about events that my student can go to?

    • We host a wide variety of programs, listed on our Events calendar. Students also receive a weekly newsletter that details what is happening at our office for the coming week.

Do you find internships or jobs for students? What resources do you have for students to find a job or internship?

    • We work with students to help them explore their interests, write a strong resume, and access tools for conducting a job or internship search. The main resource for finding jobs and internships is our database Crimson Careers, though we make tailored recommendations for other resources in advising appointments.

How do you help students who want to go to graduate school?

    • We have advisors who work with undergraduates and master’s students interested in pursuing many different types of graduate and professional programs, including master’s and PhDs in the arts and sciences, MD, JD, MBA, and professional degrees in public health, education, and more. We also have dedicated advising staff for students interested in health careers such as human medicine, animal medicine, dentistry, optometry, and more. Students interested in health careers are encouraged to meet with us early on, and will continue to be supported through their application to graduate programs in their specific field.

How do I know if my student has come to the Mignone Center for Career Success?

    • Because of FERPA laws we are not able share information on specific students. But please encourage your student to connect with us at any point in their college experience.