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Book Writing

Are you a passionate writer who’s always thought about writing a book, but didn’t know where to start? Maybe you have a kernel of an idea but don’t know how to expand on it. Or maybe you’ve had trouble finding your own voice. Or maybe you just don’t want to face rejection or criticism. This guide from genConnectU features lessons from renowned Irish author Sinead Moriarty, and guides you through the steps of unlocking the book you may have inside you. Sinead talks about her passion for writing and shares tools and tips on how to get started on your writing journey. She covers how to find your unique voice as an author, thread a storyline, and bring characters to life. She also covers the practical aspects like pursuing a publishing deal, dealing with setbacks, and managing the ups and downs of life as a writer. If you have a story to tell but haven’t been sure how to tell it, or just lack the confidence to start, join Sinead in this course.

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