5 AI Job Search Mistakes You Need to Sidestep

By Andrew Fennell for Forbes

“From creating resumes to sending automated networking emails, there are plenty of ways that AI is transforming the job search and streamlining the recruitment process.

While this can be great news for both job seekers and employers, it’s not without its challenges.

It might feel easier and more efficient to let AI tools and platforms take control, especially when you’re a business professional without much free time to dedicate to the search.

However, it’s crucial that you remember these are still just tools. They still require human input, and therefore, they can’t manage your entire job search. If you leave the entire search and application process down to AI, you might just cost yourself your dream job.

Here are five AI job search mistakes you need to sidestep this year, if you want to get hired soon.”

Image from Forbes Article: robots reading large resumes that are arranged like screens in front of them. In the middle, giant folders of papers have two resumes sticking out
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