6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Experience

Congratulations on landing a summer opportunity! Whether it is conducting research, working a part-time job, engaging in public service, or doing an internship here are some tips to make the most of it:

  1. Connect with new people: Introduce yourself to fellow students, members of your team and employees outside your group or department.  Whether in person, virtual or hybrid, make sure you take the time to grow your network and learn from as many people as you can. Make sure to connect on LinkedIn and share contact information before you leave!
  2. Stay organized and productive: If your summer experience is not particularly structured, you will need to come up with a way to stay focused and organized throughout the day. Take good notes in meetings and create a way to keep track of to-do items.  If you have the capacity to take on new projects or assignments, then let your manager know – organizations value individuals that work hard and take initiative.
  3. Build your professional presence: Just like every class is different, all organizations are unique with a set of norms and expectations that will you want to learn quickly.  For example, what is the typical dress code? How do people communicate – email, Slack/Teams, chatting in offices or cubes (if in person)? If you are observant and ask questions, you will pick these up quickly and find yourself a true team member in no time!
    • Special Note on Social Media Etiquette: Be mindful of what you post online—your digital brand matters! While we all have challenging days, it is best not to post tweets, or TikToks that speak negatively of your organization, supervisors or team members. If you have something to say, consider scheduling a meeting with a trusted colleague, mentor or even your supervisor to brainstorm constructive ways to solve problems.
  4. Set goals and expectations: Meet with your manager or supervisor early to clearly understand their expectations, and work together on setting meaningful goals for you. It is also important to clarify how your supervisor likes to manage – do they want to meet regularly or on an as needed basis? Do they prefer that you email questions, or just stop by? Understanding this dynamic early on will make for a smooth summer experience and hopefully lead to a strong connection that will last after the summer.
  5. Update your resume: Be sure to keep track of relevant projects and skills learned. Share your achievements with your supervisor, but also update them on your resume while they are fresh in your mind!  Refer to MCS resume resources for guidance.
  6. Learn a lot and have fun: The summer is a chance to try something new, learn things that aren’t necessarily taught in a classroom, meet new people and have fun!

    For more tips, also see our webinar, “Making the Most of Your Summer Experience”:
By Mignone Center for Career Success
Mignone Center for Career Success