Mentorship and Diversity Fellowships For Students Interested in MedTech and Biotech

If you are a student interested in biotech and medical technology, take note!  The International Center for Professional Development SMDP fellowship applications are open! The SMDP is a one year career mentoring program that pairs ethnically diverse students (Bachelors, Masters or PhD) with industry mentors who work at companies in the medical, technology, biotechnology and consumer healthcare industries. Scholars attend a 5-day training session to learn about career opportunities and receive career coaching. They also have the opportunity to attend a major industry conference. Applicants must be from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in industry and able to work in the US: Hispanic Americans, Pacific Islanders, African Americans, and Native Americans.

There are two tracks:

  1. Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Programs for Biotechnology (SMDP Biotech)
    • Who may apply?  Graduate students and post-doctoral researchers in the life sciences
    • Training Dates: June 1-6, 2024 in San Diego, CA
  2. Medical Technology (SMDP MedTech)
    • Who may apply? Undergraduate juniors and seniors, MS degree, PhD in Engineering or related disciplines
    • Training Dates: October 12-17, 2024 in Toronto, Canada

The application deadline for both programs is due APRIL 5, 2024.

By Meaghan Shea
Meaghan Shea Assistant Director, Technology, Data Analytics, Life & Physical Sciences & Entrepreneurship