Michael Zhu, Government

Where are you located now?
Cambridge, United Kingdom

What are you doing?
I am getting my Master’s in Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge and will be supported by the Harvard-UK Paul Williams Fellowship.

What advice do you have for Harvard undergraduates, now that you’ve graduated?
Figure out who will go to bat for you. The organic relationships you form with those who want to see you succeed and reach your goals is the biggest force-multiplier you can count on, both here at Harvard and long after you graduate. I really believe that the friends, professors, TFs, tutors, and advisors (especially from the OCS and URAF teams!) that I have grown to depend on here at Harvard have been the biggest reason I was always able to find the courage to pursue the opportunities that were the most genuine to who I am. And once you’ve surrounded yourself with caring and supportive people who you can truly trust and depend on, then make sure you become someone who goes to bat for others who are pursuing what’s most genuine to them too.

By Mignone Center for Career Success
Mignone Center for Career Success