Two Climate Entrepreneurship Opportunities For Harvard Students!

The Harvard i-lab is launching two programs for climate entrepreneurs: 1) The Climate Circle: For developed climate ventures and 2) Creating Climate Ventures: For folks who want to found a climate start up but don’t have an idea yet.

Harvard Climate Circle

Building a climate venture? Harvard connected? Harvard Climate Entrepreneurs Circle is a selective incubation program for climate ventures with emerging traction.  Applications due January 8, 2023 at midnight.

Harvard Creating Climate Ventures

Want to create a climate venture? Join the Creating Climate Ventures class at the Harvard i-lab.

For people who want to found a climate start up to tackle climate change, but do not yet have an idea or whose idea is nascent. Class is held virtually and is open to Harvard students, alums, faculty and staff.

Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment (HACE)




Learn more about opportunities related to climate and connect with like-minded Harvard affiliates and alumni through Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment!


By Anthony Arcieri
Anthony Arcieri Anthony Arcieri, Director of Undergraduate Career Advising and Programming, Architecture, Engineering, Environment Advising