Data Science and AI Career Pathways Panel Insights

Did you miss last week’s Data Science and AI Career Pathways Panel?  Our amazing alumni panelists (see below) had some valuable insights to share.

Take Note!

  • Data science is a broad field and can allow you to engage in different interests like applying a technological background to finance or government. Data roles can focus on econometrics but also on machine learning and AI.
  • Trends in the field include AI and ethics, NLP and deep learning. There will be more roles in these areas emerging.
  • SQL is an important skill to learn for aspiring data scientists. Some recommended ways to upskill in this area include:
  • Another great skill for data scientists– communication! One challenge that was mentioned was how to communicate to stakeholders why your data results are important. It is good to focus on building your soft skills as well as your technical skills.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and set it as open to work. This encourages direct messages from recruiters!
  • Networking is crucial—staying in touch with friends from school is important as they might know of new opportunities. Also, connecting with alumni on LinkedIn is a great plan! Don’ t be afraid to reach out via cold email.
  • Engage in projects/internships in the data field to show your interest in the area even if you don’t have the coursework.

Start your job or internship search for data science/analytics and AI roles using the job boards below! Also, check out our Crimson Careers jobs and internship database for employers actively seeking Harvard talent.



By Meaghan Shea
Meaghan Shea Assistant Director, Technology, Data Analytics, Life & Physical Sciences & Entrepreneurship