The Benefits of Aligning Your Career With Your Strengths

Learn about the benefits of going for the job you’ll love

Where do we start, it’s our favorite subject! When we get to use our strengths in our job every day we:

  • Are more confident

When you use your strengths, you increase your performance. When you do a great job, you become more confident. When someone spots you do a great job, guess what? They ask you to do more of it increasing your confidence. And so we go on increasing our confidence.

  • Are more likely to achieve our goals

When you align your strengths more specifically to what you want to achieve, success is more likely and you’ll get there quicker. You know your Personal Responsibility strength always gets things done but now you know you have Enabler and Creativity, there may be a better way to achieve what you want.

  • Are more effective at growing and developing ourselves

If someone gives you a challenge outside of your comfort zone that sits in your top strengths, watch you go! When strengths are aligned to what you want to achieve, you will find a way to personally and professionally grow, it just comes naturally to you.

  • Experience less stress

We perform well when using our strengths and enjoy the task so are much less likely to be stressed. Challenges are easier when we know a route that we are more likely to overcome. A job that sees us not deliver on our goals so well and we don’t enjoy (our weaknesses) is a recipe for anxiety.

  • 6x more engaged at work

Imagine not noticing it’s 1730 or looking forward to work on a Monday morning. Being engaged at work means getting an opportunity to do what you do best every day and be appreciated for it.

When we talk about having a job you love, it means getting to experience these benefits every day. Strengths go beyond performance and reveal your energy too. Many people learn the hard way about this difference within their career. They are good at what they do but then over time, without this energy, their job can become draining and feel like you are not at your best and ultimately, are in the wrong job.

Strengths Profile reveals your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviors and weaknesses, along with career suggestions. By knowing exactly what your motivations are, you get to consciously choose careers which align to your strengths. From there you’ll get to develop them even further and see the impact you are truly capable of having.

By: Trudy Bateman

Trudy Bateman

Trudy is the Director of Strengths Profile at Cappfinity and is responsible for the successful product strategy and delivery of the online strengths assessment. Her top strength of Legacy supports her vision and passion to support people to enjoy a better life and enable organisations to get the best from their people.

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By Katie Fell
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