Top 12 Resources for Writers

Do you love to write? Here are 12 helpful resources for independent writers.

  1. MediaBistro: Job board for all types of freelance writing / editing jobs (creative, marketing, editorial etc.)
  2. Fiverr: A gig marketplace to sell your writing services
  3. HES Creative Writing Professor Gregg Harris Tips: Expert advice for pitching your article to publication
  4. The Write Life: “Resource for writers who want to make a living from their craft; practical advice on freelancing & publishing”
  5. Poets & Writers  “Nation’s largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers; site contains directory of literary magazines and journalssmall and independent pressesliterary agentsMFA programswriting contests, events” and much more
  6. Grubstreet: Offers 600+ classes and events a year for writers of all genres and ambitions- something for everyone!
  7. Advice on getting your book published: Jane Friedman: Writing a Query Letter, How to Find a Literary Agent, How to Write a Book Proposal, How to Get Your Book Published, How to Self-Publish Your Book
  8. Querytracker: “Helping authors find literary agents;” extensive database to search for right agent for your book and understand agent’s preferred query process; many features for free accounts, some premium features for $25 a year
  9. Publisher’s Marketplace: Some free resources; but primarily a $25 a month membership which provides deal reports, dealmaker lists and contact database for inside information, along with hosted pages and a rights and proposals board to connect writers with agents, publishers, and other licensees
  10. Literary Marketplace: Directory of America and Canadian book publishing; industry data with 30,000+ listings on publishers, literary agents, etc; some free resources but most through paid subscription
  11. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing: A popular self-publishing option
  12. Copyright Your Work: US Copyright Office: Information on how to register literary works
By Amy DiGiovine
Amy DiGiovine Assistant Director, Arts, Entertainment, Media, Advertising, Journalism, Publishing, Fashion, Sports, & Pre-Law