Erik Christopher Nook, Psychology

What are your post-graduation plans?
Academic research postdoc at Yale University, followed by Assistant Professorship at Princeton University

What advice do you have for Harvard GSAS students, now that you are graduating?
Find *your* groove. We all work in different ways, at different paces, and on different things. Figure out what works for you! I learned that my work was joyful when I pursued the projects I personally thought were important and when I clearly defined my hours into work, rest and play. I’d also strongly recommend finding your community. Peers, friends outside of grad school, and my House community (I was a resident tutor) all did so much to pull me through! Finally, reach out if you feel submerged! Often a shift in perspective, a new resource, or a change in plans can help alleviate stress and get you to where you want to be.

By Thomas Oppong
Thomas Oppong Marketing, Branding, and Communications Coordinator