Mark Omobono, ALM Biotechnology

Where will you be living next year, and what will you be doing?
Burlington, MA – I’ll be building a line function group to serve a multitude of needs within my current company. I’ll also be leveraging the research and project planning skills I generated during my thesis to take on more independent research projects and lead more cross-functional teams.

What advice do you have for Harvard HES students, now that you have graduated?
Take the time to celebrate the accomplishments you’ve achieved thus far! After letting the degree sink in, figure out what your next step will be. You pushed yourself to complete this degree in order to grow, so the exciting thing is where you will grow next!

In what ways has your Harvard Extension degree impacted your career?
I’ve been able to take skills I learned in class to my job the NEXT DAY and find the lessons relevant. It’s also a great vehicle to showcase your personal pursuit of professional development outside of your day job responsibilities. I’m always surprised at the number of people in the Biotechnology field that are interested in continuing to take classes, and to be able to share my experience with them helps the whole community of learners at large.

By Thomas Oppong
Thomas Oppong Marketing, Branding, and Communications Coordinator