Chris Jagoditz, ALM Management

Where will you be living next year, and what will you be doing?
Franklin, TN – I was recently promoted to Corporate Chief Financial Officer for SUN Behavioral Health, Inc.

What advice do you have for Harvard HES students, now that you have graduated?
It’s hard work prioritizing between professional and academic pursuits, and often resulting in the need to burn the candle from both ends. But keep in mind your goals, stay healthy, and most importantly, just keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you will succeed!

In what ways has your Harvard Extension degree impacted your career?
The curriculum in my program was outstanding; beyond words to describe. Each class gave me better insight into core concepts, while bringing up to date concepts earned long ago. I’m so glad for this opportunity!

By Thomas Oppong
Thomas Oppong Marketing, Branding, and Communications Coordinator