Allen Rivera-Ureta, ALM Management

Where will you be living next year, and what will you be doing?
New York, NY – I will be developing a practice to encourage best-in-breed cybersecurity practices to protect small, medium, and disadvantaged businesses from the existing threats posed by criminals and terrorists.What advice do you have for Harvard HES students, now that you have graduated?
A honorific expression from Baruch Spinoza comes to mind: “Sub specie aeternitatis.” Basically, it promotes the view that a person should step back and look at the seeming absurdity of their lives and connect it to what is meaningful. When aggregating the coursework, your commitment, and your desires it may all seem somewhat burdensome. But taking it all in and applying it to your big picture will allow you to visualize how your accomplishment can contribute to the betterment of your life, your family’s and your community.In what ways has your Harvard Extension degree impacted your career?
Decomposing each course into something that would matter to my professional career, I was able to apply concepts such as organizational behavior, managerial finance, innovation, design thinking, and others into the direct application to projects at hand. I expect that my learning journey into organizational behavior will be highly impactful as I move to integrate the human enablement aspect into the business models I develop.

By Thomas Oppong
Thomas Oppong Marketing, Branding, and Communications Coordinator