Cassandra Luca, A.B., English

Where are you located now?
Montreal, Canada

What are you doing?
I’m pursuing my MA in English at McGill University.

What advice do you have for Harvard undergraduates, now that you’ve graduated?
Let yourself be spontaneous: the best use of your time isn’t always an organized activity or a club but might be spending time with friends or pursuing a hobby for yourself. Take a class in a subject you haven’t been able to explore until college—you might end up concentrating in that area, and you’ll learn more about yourself. Don’t chase the money to be made after college if the field isn’t interesting to you. Studying English was one of the best choices I made at Harvard, because it was what I truly wanted for myself (and I started out premed!), and it opened up so many pathways postgrad that I wasn’t previously aware of.

By Thomas Oppong
Thomas Oppong Marketing, Branding, and Communications Coordinator