Zachary Hayworth, Ph.D., Germanic Languages & Literatures

What are your post-graduation plans?

JD Columbia Law

What advice do you have for Harvard GSAS students, now that you are graduating?

My advice breaks down into two main points: (1) try to get a realistic idea of your short- and long-term financial situation, make goals, and plan (your career) backwards from those goals; and (2) be bold in reaching out for informational interviews (e.g., over LinkedIn). For point (1): Take time to deeply understand the opportunity costs associated with your program and understand the impact of that on your future. This allowed me to dispel a lot of the social pressure I was experiencing around my career and instead make career plans based on my personal goals for my own financial future. Career is not all about money, of course. For point (2) People are extremely willing to talk to you about their career and their paths, especially if you have an institutional affiliation. I was able to develop an authentic interest in the law through countless informational interviews with lawyers who had graduated from Harvard and my undergrad institution.

By Kara Blackwell
Kara Blackwell Technology Platforms Associate